The Next Generation of Interactive Family Games

So we know we’re not the greatest at keeping our blog up to date. So here’s a quick review of 2010 to catch everyone up. We attended several events, which included: the New York, Long Beach, and Chicago Toy Fairs.

We also had the unique opportunity of attending Inventor Forums with both Mattel and Spin Master. The team got to check out new products not yet available to the public, and received the companies’ wish lists for the following year.

Besides inventing, we spent some time on grass roots promotion of our games and community outreach through school visits in the San Diego area and in Michigan. We also participated in Barnes and Noble game nights, the Marine Corps Air Show, and Toys for Tots.

For our Toys for Tots campaign we were interviewed by San Diego NBC morning news and San Diego CW 6 News. Through help and support from USAopoly and Spin Master, and over 1000 Facebook fans, GaZima Games was able to donate over $5000 worth of games and toys to the Toys for Tots program.

Stomple was officially released to the public by Spin Master!

Ratuki, licensed to USAOPOLY, had great sales in 2010. Ratuki was sub-licensed to Hasbro in December and had its very own commercial on national television.

Check out the commercial (and the outtakes for a good laugh): []

That’s it for 2010! Stay tuned for our 2011 blog… hopefully we’ll get it out before 2012!


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