The Next Generation of Interactive Family Games

2011 Wrap-Up

Conferences, Trade Shows and Events were our focus for much of the fall. We participated in GenCon in Indianapolis over the summer, and it was amazing! It is billed as the “original, longest running, best attended, gaming convention in the world,” and they delivered, for sure! We even brought our life-sized Stomple game to play!

Greg Zima with Stomple fans

Also in August, Party Gras earned a “Major Fun” award in the Party and Family categories. Later in the year, it was named one of the “Top 10 for 2011!” We are really proud!

Next up was the Miramar Air Show at the end of September, which is a big event here in San Diego. We were able to show Stomple and Party Gras and connect with some local folks who may not already have known about us. It was a good time for us, and a big plus that it is held on a Marine Corps Air Base!

At the end of November, we headed out to Chicago for ChiTag, where Greg was nominated for a TAGIE award for “Excellence in Game Design.” It was an amazing experience and a great honor to be considered for this prestigious award.

Finally, in December, GaZima Games participated once again in the Marines’ Toys for Tots Program. We were able to give out about $10,000 worth of toys and games. We were even featured on the local NBC affiliate! We are proud of our continued affiliation with Toys for Tots and are looking forward to participating again next year!


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