The Next Generation of Interactive Family Games

Spring 2012

This spring has been busier than most here at GaZima Games. We finally wrapped up our post-Toy Fair submissions and got several responses. As always, we continue to test-play and refine our games, and have come up with even better gameplay and more concepts in the time since Toy Fair and Toy Fest West. We have already received re-submission requests after companies saw the updated gameplay, and expect to be kept busy this summer getting those out.

We have partnered with an engineering firm that has created some really cool technology, and currently we are working to create gameplay. We are having a great time coming up with various game scenarios and testing out what works and what might be suited for a different type of game. Stay tuned for some awesome new games incorporating this new technology!

Next month, Greg Z. will be participating in an inventors panel here in San Diego in support of our friends at USAopoly. They are sponsoring Gam3rCon, a conference celebrating all things game-related, including video games, table games, game art, and more. Tickets are still on sale if you want to check it out – unlike many other game conferences, it is open to the public. We’ll post some pictures and video of the panel after it’s held. This will be a great opportunity to reach out to other inventors and provide insight into the game-making process to those who are unfamiliar.

Greg was also invited to contribute to the updated Toy and Game Inventors Handbook. In the upcoming edition, there will be a profile on Greg and GaZima Games. The profile is “interview-style” and they asked about the game-making process, inspiration for inventions, and advice for fellow inventors. He was happy to contribute and we’re all looking forward to its publication. We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted about when it will be coming out!

Finally, we are ramping up our social media presence this summer. If you haven’t yet, check out our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We have some contests and giveaways in the works, so be sure to connect with us there to stay updated on the latest activities!


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