The Next Generation of Interactive Family Games

Hello world!

Hi everyone!  We have started a blog so that our family and friends can follow our latest goings on. 

The last month has been very busy for us.  First, we were invited to the Mattel Inventor’s Day.  It was a tremendous experience to be able to see the inner workings of the toy and game giant.  While we were in LA, we also visited with Spin Master, the third largest toy manufacturer in North America. 

The following week, we went to Rancho Bernado High School to give a talk on leadership to their Robotics Club.  Later that same week, we gave a talk on how to invent a game to a grade school, followed by hosting a booth at their school fair the next day.  We were the hit of the fair, and our booth was completely crowded with kids wanting to play our newest game, Ratuki. 

We are most proud our donation to the Wounded Warrior Program at the Balboa Naval Hospital.  At the suggestion of one of our friends who was the Officer-in-Charge of the program, we made the donation of three of our games – Zip, Ratuki, and Gobsmacked – to the occupational therapy department.  We have received a tremendous response from the main therapist.  She is going to recommend our games for use at the Camp Pendleton hospital. 

We are currently preparing for a meeting next week with Spin Master, when we will present our new games.  Then on December 1st, we meet with Mattel to show them a variety of Uno extensions. 

That was a long first blog, but we have had a busy month.  Check back from time to time for our most recent updates!